Registration Fee

Each student pays a small yearly non-refundable registration fee prior to commencing or continuing lessons with me. A lesson time is not reserved until such payment is received. This fee allows me to continue to offer my students the best possible learning experience that includes playing on well-maintained, professional pianos, associated resources and technology, as well as access to an extensive lending library.
Tuition Fee
Tuition fees are separate from the registration fee. Payments for tuition are term-in-advance only and non-refundable. Tuition will not commence until payment has been received. 
Tuition Books
Beginner primary-aged school students are given a free 'starter pack' to begin their musical journey. Parents will be notified when students are required to purchase books.

Make-Ups and Holiday Lessons
One make-up lesson per student per term only (4 per year). Make-up lessons will become void if not made-up within the term that it is taken. Events that require rescheduling of lessons such as school camps or students away on a lesson that falls on a public holiday require a minimum of 2 weeks notice, otherwise the lesson will become void. Lessons are not carried over into future terms. In the unlikely event that I have to cancel a lesson, the student will receive a make-up. Additional lessons (not make-ups) can be requested during the holiday period. Requests outside of these terms will be politely declined.
Lesson Rates
My fees are available upon request. I do not charge GST.
Payment Types
Direct Deposit or Cash only. Invoices and receipts are emailed.

Lessons will not be extended for students who are not punctual.

At my studio, parents are always welcome to sit in on lessons.